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Yggdrasil - Kvallningsvindar over Nordront Land

Autor: Ion-Valentin Ceausescu, 22 Iunie 2011

Band: Yggdrasil
Album title: Kvällningsvindar Över Nordrönt Land
Format: promo CD
Label: Grand Master Music
Release date: 2007
Country: Suedia
Status: activa
Genre: Folk Metal

I took contact with this band`s music through their last album, "Irrbloss" and i was very pleasently surprised to see that Yggdrasil have all the elements to become a great and succesful band: their tracks are complex, full of melodicity, metal is combined with old popular swedish tracks, the voice is powerful, raw, sometimes resembles with Nocturno Culto`s voice from the firsts Darkthrone albums and the rhythm is captivating. Sometimes a earm voice accompanies.Being at the debut with this material, the band`s members show a big wish to create something good, unprecedented, new, something that many people would like, even those who don`t normally listen to metal music.  

There are some elements that show that the members are a little bit clumsy, but it is normal, as they are presenting us their first album.Sometimes the tracks are too long,  but that wouldn`t be such a big problem, if  what is to be said and sung would need a long time to develop, but unfortunatley this doesn`t happen always. As example, we have  track four , "Gryningstid", which stars very well, with a powerful riff, a piano and an "upset" voice,, but after 6-7 minutes,  it finishes up the ideas and after that becomes boring. But overall, tracks are  enough varied and good to create a good album, just perfect to be listened by the genre`s fans, but also by anyone who is passionated by extreme metal sonorities.

Lyrics are sung exclusively in swedish.  The artwork is extremly wonderful, simple and it made me think of manierism.

For the effort and the good ideas, 7.5.


1. I Nordens Rike
2. Kvällning Över Trolska Landskap
3. Frid
4. Gryningstid
5. Nattens Vandrare
6. I Nattens Timma
7. Vinter
8. Nordmark
9. Älvadansen
10. Gryningstid (edit) (bonus track)

Total playing time: 63:17 min 

Vali C.
Yggdrasil - Kvallningsvindar over Nordront Land

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