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TERRORTORY - The Seed Left Behind

Autor: Titus, 4 Aprilie 2013

ALBUM: The Seed Left Behind
SUPPORT: digipack CD
LABEL: Discouraged Records
9.00 out of 10.00


Stefan Vidmark - guitars
Tommy Nilsson - drums
Johan Norstrom - voice
Olov Haggmark - bass

1. The Soil Turns Red
2. DeReign
3. The Seed Left Behind
4. Concept: Anarchy
5. The Destroyer
6. I, You
7. Saviour

First (and the only one so far) CD of this band from Sweden. A pretty old band (Terrortory taking life more than a decade ago), the band presents its first public sample avantgarde (and occasionally depressive) death metal in 2011 only, material being released by a small Scandinavian label headed by Johan, band's vocalist. After all, being from Sweden they have the right to claim its roots as Swedish death, right? A high quality presentation (digipack) for a simmilar high standard level music! Equally melodic and brutal, sometimes violent, sometimes closer to the progressive tunes (the title track being an incredible experiment with unpredictable rhythm breaks!), this is an excellent debut album. Carefully selecting stage appearances (their lives included so far performances with elitist bands such as Entombed, Vintersorg or Zonaria), Terrortory are sticked by press critics to standard bands of this musical direction as At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity or Dissection (if we take into consideration the spicy more "blackish" tunes on the album). Very confident in themselves, Terrortory waited for the right moment to launch the album and even though more than 10 years preparing his debut album seems an eternity, the production of this high quality CD demonstrates that the delay was crowned as a huge result.

Titus Constantinescu

TERRORTORY - The Seed Left Behind

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