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Sweet Sorrow - 1000th Millennium

Autor: Titus, 5 Aprilie 2010

BAND: Sweet Sorrow
ALBUM: 1000th Millennium
LABEL: Kud France Preseren

8.50 out of 10.00


Rope - drums
Pero - guitars
Mare - voice
Us - bass
Raminous - guitars

01. Skal
02. Another Life
03. Gloria Transit
04. God of War
05. 1000th Millennium
06. Betrayals of Humanity
07. Twilight of the Gods
08. The Scarlet Whore
09. Metamorphosis

As the name suggests, Sweet Sorrow is a melodic doom death metal band, from Slovenia, a country with one of the coolest festivals in Europe, but unfortunately without famous bands (the only exception being Laibach). The band has already reached the fourth album. I do not know the other three albums, but the presentation is clear that it was a heavy metal band at first. Good idea to change their style! Sound of Sweet Sorrow is now providing a better gender stuck in direction of At the Gates, The Crown, Amon Amarth, In Flames (early albums), perhaps a bit of Dark Tranquillity. Yes, Sweet Sorrow sounds a little Swedish, which is not bad. A very varied album, with slight pagan influences ("God of War"), a little black metal and atmospheric, a bit Viking ("Twilight Of The Gods", of course), an energic album of a band promising that with a little ambition and a strong management they could go pretty far.

Titus Constantinescu
Sweet Sorrow - 1000th Millennium

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