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Satinblack - Martyr's Paradise (recenzie disc)

Autori: Titus, Ion-Valentin Ceausescu, 12 Ianuarie 2012

Band: Satinblack
Album: Martyr's Paradise
Format: demo/EP
Label: self released
Released country: Germany
Status: active/changed name in Alpha Tiger
Genre: Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
Year: 2010

From the mass of bands that come out every day and try to have a name in the harsh world of metal, Satinblack came out too, a band who recently changed its  name in Alpha Tiger. Under name Satinblack they released "Harlequin"(Full-length, 2008) and Martyr's Paradise(Demo/EP  2010), under Alpha Tiger one full-lenght, Man or Machine. I will review the 2010 EP only, and as I have never listened to another material from the band, I will strictly speak about what I hear here.

Here we have a heavy metal band, with some thrash influences, but not very often, so I can say that the band plays a corect classic metal. The guitar solos caught my attention, because they are very good, on every of the four songs. I can see that they are very attentively created and they come out in the face of listener. So, this is a big plus. And unfortunately, the only one, if we took the album metodicaly. The voice is common, plate, but it's alright with the instrumental, lyrics are simple and simplist, nothing special, we can find them at any band in the genre, they speak about life and how we must protect ourselves of evil. The drummer caught my attention a little bit, especially on the track Exit:Night, but, again, nothing out of common. From four songs, one is a ballad, entitled sugar-like, When Autumn Leaves Fall, but didn't move anything inside me. On the cover we can see a picture with the band.

As I said before, this is the only material I have listened from the band, but it didn't make me more curious. It's not bad, but too generic. 7 out of 10.


1. Martyr's Paradise 04:45      
2. Exit: Night 06:03       
3. Where Autumn Leaves Fall  05:17           
4. Heretic 06:20  

Vali C.

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