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Sado Sathanas - Opus Diaboli

Autor: Titus, 6 Aprilie 2010

BAND: Sado Sathanas
ALBUM: Opus Diaboli

LABEL: Black Blood Records

10.00 out of 10.00


Sebastian - drums
Stefan - keys
Giacomo - vocals
Ronny - bass
Martin Krell - guitars
Martin Himstedt - guitars

01. Praludium
02. Herrschaft
03. Winde uber Odland
04. Dunkelheit
05. Menschenopfer
06. T.O.T.H.
07. Veitstanz
08. Interludium
09. Im Schlund
10. Pestis
11. Ein Kampf...
12. Apokalypse
13. Vergebens!
14. Anti I.N.R.I.
15. Stahlgewitter
16. Postludium

Difficult task to make an objective review of a CD for a band whose components are your friends ... One of these bands is this one, from Dresden. Sado Sathanas are active for 14 years, but until this year they never released any full album. And, frankly speaking, it wasn't bad to wait, because the final product is a very good album, both audio, as well as presentation. We have to consider the band's name (Sado Sathanas), the album's name ("Diabolic Opus"), you can also observe the evil elements in the presentation (turned cross, pentagram, black metal makeup)... Germans still do not use this arsenal more than an image, because if you are coming into contact with them come across some very friendly people. They already have some concerts in Romania (two trips, in 2008, and 2009), a name in the underground, they also tried a communication beyond language barriers to mice and cats from Romania (details in next issue of Balamuc Zine), they gladly receive any concert, whether 30 or several hundred spectators are there. Speaking about sound material, Sado Sathanas album falls into the melodic black metal (exaggerating a bit, it sounds the direction of Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Rotting Christ). The lyrics are entirely in German, the material is released in digipack edition and contains over an hour of sound assaults, and what we also know is that a famous German magazine labeled it as the worst album of the month. If they think so, we consider on it's 10 out of 10.

Titus Constantinescu
Sado Sathanas - Opus Diaboli

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