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SADO SATHANAS - Nomos Hamartia

Autor: Titus, 9 Iulie 2014

ALBUM: Nomos Hamartia
LABEL: Naturmacht Productions
9 out of 10.00


G.L. - voice
S.J. - keys
M.K. - guitars
M.H. - guitars
R.S. - bass
S.S. - drums

1. Nomos Hamartia
2. Martyrium
3. Ante Bellum
4. Invertum
5. P.A.N. Demonia
6. Codex Diaboli

Weird path chosen by this band. Hailing from Dresden, Sado Sathanas had about 14 years to release various demos, EPs, splitCDs and participation on compilations, while in the last five years the horde has already explode with two solid albums. If on the "Opus Diaboli" CD things were clear (the antichristian way, apocalypse, darkness, inverted crosses), on "Nomos Hamartia", first release of their new record label - Naturmacht Productions, express... the other side of evil. Starting from the cover (where from the hand of Hieronymus Bosch the fallen angel insidious smile while swallowing the three famous traitors - Judas, Brutus and Cassius) to the lyrics and music, "Nomos hamartia" is a 100% black metal album, but one which can breathe an air of freshness on the European market already full of extreme metal. A solid album with some production slightly "dirty" (perhaps on purpose, an element of imperfection that gives the listener a scecific listening pleasure), the second album goes very subtle from extremely violent passages to some pure melodic black acts. A balance might be found in the lyrics that oscillates between the two opposing topics: obedience and freedom, order and chaos. A band sound expressing violence in the most direct way, without useless viking, pagan or epic approach. And last but not least, a band absolutely in love with our country, Romania being the second number of concerts after Germany for Sado Sathanas.  

Titus Constantinescu

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