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Lao / Hteththemeth / Amarthalos - Blank Black

Autor: Titus, 29 Decembrie 2010

ALBUM: Blank Black
LABEL: selfreleased

9.00 out of 10.00


Lao Kreegan - all instruments and voices

Amarthalos Almagesta Phosphorus Luciferus - all instruments and music

1. Borders of Eeofol (Lao)
2. The City of the Krown (Lao)
3. The Hermeneutics of Pain (Lao)
4. Trapped in the World of Forms (Hteththemeth)
5. The Oddysey of Loneliness (Hteththemeth)
6. Generatii de lut (Hteththemeth)
7. Calea a tot ce e uitat (Amarthalos)
8. A New Beginning (Amarthalos)
9. Prima ninsoare (Amarthalos)

This split CD can be considered a kind of best of the creations of two artists from Brasov/Romania, Kreegan Lao (member of Lao and Hteththemeth) and Amarthalos (for the same project). Discrete in performing live shows and promoting their own projects, the three projects include many years of existence. The splitCD is well balanced, with three songs from each "band". The first three songs belong to Lao, two songs on this CD taken from "Fairy Tales From The Dark", and one from the first album, "Open The Gates". Lao is a side-project more "nasty", at the boundary between classical and metal NeoFolk. The inserts are confusing the philosophical background intentionally annoying synthetic audio, Lao is basically the project who will likely produce some of the most outrageous reactions from listeners. Unlike the Lao, Hteththemeth is even closer paradox equally atmospheric and violent hearing, sometimes meditating, althrough very close to the metal sonorities, apocalyptic, in short - hatefull metal. In Hteththemeth case, three tracks are excerpts from the 1999 album, "Ziduri mucegaite cu rosturi". Finally, regarding Amarthalos, we find ambient genre so enjoyable, but so little explored in Romania. 13 years of existence, many CDs, but 3 previously unreleased songs on this splitCD. Mystical, alone, but also transcendental, Amarthalos ended the CD in a more abstract direction for a CD that is under the sign so questions without answers...

Titus Constantinescu
Lao / Hteththemeth / Amarthalos - Blank Black

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