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Kultika - Kultika

Autor: Titus, 29 Decembrie 2010

ALBUM: Kultika
LABEL: Dirigent Records

8.00 out of 10.00

Fulmineos - guitars, voice
Tammuz - drums, voice
Hatchet - bass

1. Lifea s Last Words
2. In Cold Blood
3. Do You Want To See The Splendor?

First demo of a young band recently born in the local underground Ropmanian scene. CD debut of a band featuring legendary Fulmineos (founder of Argus Megere band and, since this year, a full member of Negura Bunget), Hatchet (bass) and Tammuz, no other than Sergiu from Stone Fixion, also in the position of the producer ("Kultika" is the third album released under his own label, Dirigent Records). Predictably, as one of the former members comes from black metal, Kultika isn't significantly far from this direction, the difference being the thrash influences typical for the first material released in this area about three decades ago. In short, it would be a mix between the sound of the first albums Satyricon, Darkthrone and Venom, Hellhammer on the other hand. Although it has only three songs, the selection was very well done for a first impression. The tracks are long enough without being boring, on the contrary, we can say we have some exciting three achievements. Energy, diversity, melody and speed but well-balanced, an abstract CD cover also confusing, with some confidence in their own luck Kultika could make waves in the local underground, something almost unexplored in this musical direction.

Titus Constantinescu
Kultika - Kultika

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