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Hellfest, 20-22.06.2014: infernul celor 150.000 de pacatosi (III)

Autor: Titus, 30 Iunie 2014

The slightly smaller number of metalfans in the first hours of the last day morning of Hellfest allowed a deeper ook into the market of CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and accessories. More than 70 labels and distributors had distro points at the festival, including big names such as Season of Mist, Holy Records, Relapse Records, Listenable Records, Adipocere, Punishment 18 Records. Along with Season of Mist we discovered Graphic Noise, where Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media) held a different stand, a bushy sale exhibition of graphic works he made over the years for various heavy metal bands.

If in the case of Costin we talk about the only exhibitor from Romania, around noon on the fourth stage Dordeduh was the only Romanian band present at this edition of the festival. One way this is appreciated to have a band at Hellfest 2014 (Eastern Europe bands presences being extremely low), on the other hand it's sad that local bands with quite a lot of potential and quality do not struggle to play abroad. Returning to Dordeduh, was a relatively short concert, with all the "folk arsenal folk" welcomed by the public. From the setlist: "Dojana", "Cumpat", "Jind de tronuri".

Unleashed played for the first time at Hellfest. Double reason to celebrate, Swedish deathers also celebrating 25 years of activity! The Vikings came up with a set of carefully chosen songs: "The Longships Are Coming", "Fimbulwinter" (song that opens their latest album), "Do not Want to Be Born", "To Asgaard We Fly", "Midvinterblot", "Hammer Battalion".

One of the most beloved German bands now is Equilibrium. Epic viking modern metal band had a fantastic setting and amaizing audience at Hellfest. It is very appreciated by fans, for the energy transmitted from the stage and stage confidence.

The Black Dahlia Murder 3rd stage or Dark Angel on the first stage? Hard choice, but this time was for the first one. Americans did not talk too much, their concert was "dirtier and heavier than ever" in force and speed. Sensational devastating parts well developed and a morbid passion for circlepits (three times asked by Trevor Strnad!).

Paradise Lost on the third stage was a surprise. A band who made history in the last 26 years was expected to sing on one of the main scenes... but there was Behemoth. Anyway, different times, tastes or values... Paradise Lost has managed in 55 minutes to compress all their best of their discography: "Remembrance", "Gothic", "Enchantment", "Erased", "Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us", "Tragic Idol".

Emperor on the second stage was the last band in the series of recently reborn... as Hellfest this year brought some of the bands that had their resurrection - see the cases: Carcass, (Schirenc plays) Pungent Stench, Death (To All). Emperor celebrates 20 years from composing and releasing their first album, "In the Nightside Eclipse", which was completely presented live at Hellfest. An exemplary set, a perfect synchronization between musicians, among one dreamy hour of raw black metal sounds interpreted in 2014.

Black Sabbath was a natural choice for the final day of Hellfest, although you can only sigh for the secondary stages, where Soilwork, Flogging Molly and 1349 are playing. Without unnecessary flourishes on stage, but with typical british humour Ozzy (with Tony and Geezer) has delighted tens of thousands of people who were at that moment in front of the Mainstage 01. Begining with "War Pigs," "Into the Void" and "Snowblind", "Age of Reason" was to be the first song performed by the recent CD, "13". "N.I.B." was elegant introduced with Geezer Butler's solo bass, while "Rat Salad" was spiced by a drum solo of Brad Wilk. CRazy end with "Iron Man", "God Is Dead", "Children of the Grave" and "Paranoid" (their only encore). A perfect concert, simple and effective, with a band that wrote history of the past 45 years of metal.

Many other bands could have be seen in this new edition of Hellfest: Slayer, Trivium, Soulfly, Avenged Sevenfold, Soundgarden, Opeth, Sabaton, SepticFlesh, Watain, Turisas, Hatebreed, Annihilator, Solstafir, Propain, Monster Magnet, Angra, Misfits, Vreid. Too many to 150,000 souls who came to receive their purification through hell. In a Clisson so quiet taken out of the anonymity by the bigger metal festival. Of Europe.

Text: Titus Constantinescu
Photo: Liviu Zaharescu

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