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HAVE A BRUTAL DAY! - Compilation

Autor: Ion-Valentin Ceausescu, 3 Iunie 2011

Band: Various artists
Album: V.A. Have a brutal day! - World Wide Compilation
Format: CD
Released: 2008
Label: NeverHeard Distro
Country of origin: Worldwide comp (made in Hungary)
Genres: Death/Black/Thrash Metal, Goregrind, Punk

Underground never dies! Metal music was born in underground, from the minds of some people blessed with ideas and a lot of courage, and it has fought hardly to make a name from itself during a few decades and succeded to impose. But some peoples still think that metal should have remained in the underground. I'm not going to comment on this and I don't fully embrace this idea, but I have came here to talk about something else. I have received a very interesting music compilation, very underground, full of "pissed off" bands, who came to us with hardcore riffs, and to "yell" at us in a very pleasant way. We have bands from all around the world gathered here, from frightening catacombs, where life, death, history, darkness, magic and various others demonic forces dwell all together. We can find here all kind of bands, who approach very different types of metal. We find thrash/death metal (Necramyth - Brutal Korean Thrash Metal from Seoul - with the track  "Ravenouz Ritual" - interesting, with a touch of deathcore, but very well composed, just perfect for headbanging), punk-metal (Drunken Bastards - from Budapest - the track "A Cold Distant Battlefiled (Satanik Blitzkrieg Mix)" - full of "joy", about epic battles and old times - I recognize influences from Misfits and old Bathory - you can listen to it very well while drinking a cold beer), hardcore (Obscene Gesture - "Killing Kids", a very fast, direct and brutal track, we can find reminiscences of DRI and SOD, but it's pure magic for old school hardcore fans), thrash (Perverted Son from Pais: Chile- "Partial Truth"- old school thrash, well done, with a slow intro, and after that a small chaos is unleashed; not a very memorable track, but it doesn't bore the listener, and also old school thrashers won't be dissapointed), we have death metal/grindcore (Human Error from Hungary - "The Sin Doesn't Fly Away" - a very short and direct track), grindcore (Sakatat - "Birlesmis Milletler, Bolunmus Halklar" - brutality, distorss voices, pure chaos) and  we also find here black metal (Adokhsiny from Korea - "In The Name Of Satan" - full of blasphemies, killing riffs, a classical raw black metal track, written as it should be. Not suitable for the heart fainters!). In conclusion, we have here everything for everybody, every extreme metal listener can find on the CD something to like. The compilation, with a very sincere title- "Have a brutal day!" it`s just another proof that we can still find around people with passion for metal and very serious ones, who still belive in metal and make everything they can to support the underground bands and to give them a chance. For that they deserve all the respect! It is very difficult for me to score this, because we talk about a lot of artists, 20, but for the effort, passion, dedication and diversity, it can get an 8 from me.


1. Necramyth - Ravenouz ritual
2. Arson - Advocate Cannibalism
3. Sad - Forgotten Existence
4. Diskord - Absurreality
5. Drunken Bastards - A Cold Distant Battlefiled (Satanik Blitzkrieg Mix)
6. Moloch - Untitled
7. Obscene Gesture - Killing Kids
8. Moder - Streams Of Blood And Agony
9. Perverted Son - Partial Truth
10. Human Error - Sin Doesn't Fly Away
11. Kill Your Faith - A Slave To Yourself
12. Exekrator - Ex Draconis
13. Apoplexy - Intramuscular Activity
14. A Failed Escape - Pigs To Porkchops
15. Sakatat - Birlesmis Milletler, Bolunmus Halklar (United Nations, Divided People)
16. Pagan Fire - Terminator
17. Datura - Dark Harmonists
18. Adokhsiny - In The Name Of Satan
19. Deep Vein - Die To Kill
20. Eden Beast - Torturing The Odd Human Mind

Vali C.
HAVE A BRUTAL DAY! - Compilation

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