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Sinoptik a lansat un videoclip nou: The Call

18 mai 2021
Sinoptik a lansat un videoclip nou: The Call
Trupa Sinoptik a lansat un videoclip nou pentru piesa 'The Call'. Materialul a fost filmat intr-o locatie speciala: Muzeul Cosmonauticii dedicat lui Sergei Korolev din orasul Zhitomir, Ucraina.

Trupa a declarat:
Space exploration is an important part of our country's culture, and we believe that this museum is the perfect place to remind the whole world where human space exploration began. People stopped looking into the night sky, they stopped dreaming, and we want to remind them that this is vital for our civilization.

We have specifically scheduled the release date for the International Day of Museums in order to amplify the importance of our and the museum's joint idea. Art and science together are a powerful acceleration for the cultural development of the nation.

Videoclipul poate fi urmarit la urmatorul link:
Clipul si partea audio sunt produse de catre echipa Sinoptik.
Regia, lumina, editarea si post productia au fost realizate de catre Kirill Postnikov.
Inregistrat si mixat de Dmitry Afanasiev
Masterizat de Max Morton
Site-ul muzeului:

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