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DK Dance - La Decroissance

Autor: Titus, 25 Decembrie 2009

BAND: DK Dance
ALBUM: La Decroissance
LABEL: D-Trash Records

8.00/10.00 POINTS


Save - voice
Ju - guitars
Toff - effects

01. Un Trop
02. La Decroissance
03. Gapin' Above The Day Dream
04. La Brave Attitude
05. Little Tirant
06. Sous L'Emprise Des Balles
07. Errance
08. Barricades contre Boucliers (E621)
09. Vocations

Industrial punk noise rock from France. Frankly, a little bit more punk in voice and more industrial in the sound... The second album from D-Trash Records, strange and hardlistening CD to understand at first play. The trio of Annecy goes in a radical direction, offering a stunning blend of underground sounds (industrial harsh, very sharply, with lyrics mostly in French). Association with punk confuses every time, but definitely separates listeners in a very strict accounts. DK Dance music is only worshiped or totally ignored, according to opening minds or to the controversial area in which where is an offer of shocking mix of electronic music, punk in the most pure and raw metal. In particular, Save deserves special attention, feminine voice of the band: a stamp aggressive indie rock, some like in the direction Romantic Jurgen (for those familiar with Romanian music).

Titus Constantinescu
DK Dance - La Decroissance

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