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Cales - KRF

Autor: Titus, 25 Decembrie 2009

BAND: Cales

LABEL: Metal Breath Records

8.50 out of 10 points


Skuny - voice
Blackie - guitars, bass, voice
Evil Kostelnak - drums

01. Barbarian Paganus
02. Varjag
03. Resolution
04. Pass in Time
05. Song of Outlaws
06. Legacy of Honour
07. Savage Blood
08. Magnificent Masterpiece of Apocalypse

Starting as a doom death metal band (typical for bands from Czech Republic), Cales reached on fresh released "KRF" the pagan celtic epic dark metal line in a very anticomercial elaborate manner. Originally from Brno, the band consists now of former members of bands with much larger share in the underground area: Root, Sad Harmony, Entrails. It is their fifth CD, fresh released (November 2009) and the references are headed for a wild and diabolical mixture of Cruachan, Primordial and Katatonia. Basically, reaching the limit of today's music, Cales stand out for an intelligent music and manages to break cliches Cales obedience towards a particular gender, predefined. Warrior metal, with ancient themes, equally abstruse, but very fresh and the sound ... thoughts and feeling that you stay on after they finish supplied CD, and some of it was not completely digested.

Titus Constantinescu
Cales - KRF

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