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Autor: Titus, 26 Decembrie 2015

YEAR: 2014
LABEL: self-released
8.00 out of 10.00


Marcin Skaba – vocals, violin
Piotr "Peter" Burkacki – guitars, vocals
Adam Gordon – bass, vocals, keys
Marek Jusinski - drums


1. Testametary
2. Moonshine
3. Behind the Door
4. Crusaders
5. Ex Infernis
6. Tom Sawyer (Rush cover)

An unknown band in Romania, but with some experience in the Polish underground. It was been formed in 2001 and goes on a technical progressive death metal jazz line, something unusual for our friends from the north.

First surprise comes when you discover how they dedicated thier music in a uncompromising way; although this is already their fourth album from the band's discography, they have stayed away from the record labels, everything being done according to their own rules. After all, what can you expect from a band that entitled their 3rd album "Bethoween is Dead"?

It feels like "Resurrection" is a relaxed album, 100% independent, with a new line-up, but also the approach may be more progressive than before, without giving up the death-thrash metal background. Many influences from the 70's/ 80's (both as recordings but as compositions as well, which is normal if you mention the Rush cover bonus track on this CD), enough old school prog music suddenly cut by a death metal classic or even with some little pieces of folk metal, an unexpected blend of Omega Deep Purple with Exodus and Death.

The violin, a valuable tool in metal compositions, is used sparingly, but enough to give the album a pleasant form without leading the band to exacting areas (such as My Dying Bride or Haggard, for instance). The sound of violin is clean (in contrast with the rest of the instruments which may sound intentionally "dirty"), all resulting into an ecclectic, dynamic and harmonious material.  

Titus Constantinescu

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