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Concert death metal cu Progeria in club Iron City

3 iunie 2010
Concert death metal cu Progeria in club Iron City
Joi, 03 iunie 2010 club Iron City va gazdui un concert al trupei Progeria de la ora 21:30.

Adresa club IRON CITY : Str. Blanari, Nr. 21, Bucuresti.

"The story begins in 1994, when I, Silviu, have started to write about my feelings, my dreams, my philosophy, my traumas, my dissapointments, my everything. My entire life is written here. When I met two men who had the same feelings and lived the same things, Andrei and Mihai, the band was born. We've named it Progeria. This is the proper name for the maturity of our thoughts. All these years we just knew each other, we've become friends and we've redefined the way of expression.

The sound of Progeria comes from our hearts.We are playing with passion, with nerve, with rage, with anger. Anyone from this earth can find itself in this situation. Anyone has experienced these feelings. We've waited a long time to complete the band and that happened in 2009. Not at random. Our drummer, Cristi, has come with a great energy and a great desire. That was, actually, the beginning.In three months we've recorded our first album "Hierarchy of death", which was made in 1998 as a demo.

All the songs we are playing now are written between 1994 and 2006. These songs are representing a story of a life and they are structured as a history. When you will listen these songs, you must think about yourselves, about your lives and about what you have to do for your own spiritual evolution.

That's all. And don't forget: as long as Silviu, Andrei, Mihai and Cristi live, Progeria never dies."

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